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What is Marathon?

Marathon is used by nearly all Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish media agencies for creating media plans and orders. Marathon has a media database that contains information of each media’s placements, formats, prices, edition dates, deadlines, technical information, etc. This information is gathered and entered by KASE, based on rate cards and personal contacts with the media. The database is a part of the comprehensive media system in Marathon, where invoices are created, sent and received, reconciliations are made, reports are printed out, etc. Read more here.

The media agencies depend on Marathon and its database through the complete working process of planning and realising an advertising campaign. The process includes, among others, the following phases: To work on several alternatives of a media plan where media, placements, formats and insertion dates are parameters that the media planner uses for trying out a final plan. The database significantly facilitates the working process, since telephone calls and long discussions about hypothetic media and insertions can be avoided. When the advertiser eventually selects a media plan, the planner completes it with insertion dates, deadlines, technical information, etc. from the database. All that information is also found in the database and thus the advertiser, the media agency and the media are saving time and money on avoiding time-consuming communication.

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Approving the media information

In order to increase the quality even more, the media agencies have been expressing a wish that each media should approve the information that Marathon has of them. They would thus not have to call and check the accuracy of the information before sending the order. This is also to avoid the frustration that clients can feel when prices or other parameters are changing in the last minute. The media planners often feel a pressure from the client, that the campaign should be realised within a very tight time schedule. Everything that speeds up the process is very valuable.

How to approve a media

Our contact person at the media has received an email with a link to Marathon’s description of the media. In this link there is also a function of approval together with a time limit possibility, which can be used to limit the validity of the rate card to insertions before a certain date.

How to change an approval

The same link can be used to withdraw the approval or to change period of validity.